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Very Rare Pair of Chinese Wucai/ Verte Glazed Octagonal Vases and Covers

Kangxi period, late 17th century


Of rare type.  Decorated with alternating reserves of land and seascapes, and figural decoration: one with gentlemen in and around a palace; the other with larger scale Court ladies in and around a palace.  All very finely painted in bright and deep enamels.  The underfoot of each left unglazed.  A particularly fine pair- unusual for its shape.  The glazed decoration is early in the transition from the Ming wucai (five color) to what would become the full famille verte style.

Kangxi period, ca: late 17th century

Height: 16 ½ inches

A similar pair of vases are in the historic collection of Burghley House, England.

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