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Imperial Falangcai Glazed Porcelain Marriage Bowl

Xianfeng period, AD 1850-1861


Finely modeled, of rounded form with slightly expanding sides and slightly out-turned lip. Decorated along the exterior with flowering lotus and tendrils most beautifully painted in famille rose falangcai enamels with great beauty and precision upon a beautiful even pink-colored ground. The decoration is augmented with four sets of the Chinese characters Shuangxi (Double Happiness). The interior is glazed white; the underfoot bears a six character Xianfeng mark in underglaze blue.
Examples are otherwise known from the mid-18th century into the 19th century. The Xianfeng period was short but produced very fine quality porcelains such as this exemplar of the earlier standards that were otherwise mostly lost in the mid-19th century onward. Accordingly, the quality of the painting on this bowl is superb and the colors bright and vibrant.
Xianfeng mark and period, AD 1850-1861
Height: 2 ½ inches (6.4 cm.)
Diameter: 5 ½ inches (13.7 cm.)

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