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Chinese Reverse Glass Painting

Ca: 1810


Presenting a scene from Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale, Act V, Scene III.
Finely painted in the reverse glass method, and based directly upon an engraving by Robert Thew (published by John and Josiah Boydell) that was based upon a painting by William Hamilton, 1793.  The engraving was brought to China and copied there for export back to England.  Finely and faithfully painted.
Ca: 1810
With Chinese gilded frame in English style of the period; with plank wood on the reverse.
Size: 29 x 23 inches  (73.6 x 58.4 cm) framed.
Ex Collection: Arthur Vernay
Published: The Decorative Arts of the China Trade by Carl Crossman, 1991 (second version),
p. 209.


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