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Very Rare Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Deep Dish

Kangxi period


Decorated in the center with a three elegant European Ladies dressed in elaborate dresses and wigs, standing 
in a terraced garden holding and smelling flowers; the flanged rim, with reverse of Chinese ladies standing on either side of a planted jardinière.  
Height: 13 1/2 inches (34.3 cm)
NOTE:  This scene is based upon an engraving from France by the Bonnart brothers that was brought to
China and placed onto porcelain as decorative elements for export back to Europe (presumably France). 
The subject relate to the Senses (in this instance Smell) and The Three Graces.  It is amusing that the figures are clearly meant to depict Europeans but the Chinese artists at the time depicted the ladies with Chinese features as they presumably were unfamiliar with actual Westerners.  It is rare to encounter this decoration on this form, as it is better known on vases such as examples in the historic Royal Collection in Dresden, the historic Royal Swedish Collection, and the Mottahedeh Collection.  Though intended for export, deep dishes with variant figural decoration were also made for the Court.  An example
is in the National Palace Museum, Taiwan

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