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Fine Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Rouleau Vase

Kangxi period


Decorated with a continuous scene of Court Ladies situated in a palace garden engaged in the Four Accomplishments: painting, calligraphy, music, and weiqi. The scene, bordered by trees and rockeries.
The scene is an interesting variant of the Eighteen Scholars of the Tang that depicts notable scholars of the period whom a Tang associated with.  His devotion to classical studies and music made him a worthy successor to the throne.  Perhaps this subject was a counterpart for educated women at the Court (such as the Empress).  Women poets and artists are recorded and occasionally depicted on early Qing dynasty porcelains at writing desks.
Height:  18 inches (46 cm)
An almost identical vase (perhaps the pair to this vase) was in the Collection of Leonard Gow, Glasgow and is illustrated in color in the catalogue of the collection.  The Gow collection was one of the most notable British collections of the early 20th century that had particularly fine examples of Kangxi period porcelain of various types.




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